We came to Indiana in August 1864 and held our first service in the Friends Church. In 1865, we united with the Second Baptist Church of Indianapolis under the Pastorate of Reverend Moses Broyles. That being too inconvenient, we held services in the Number One School House in Hendricks County. Being few in number, the brothers and sisters of the A.M.E. Church of Plainfield united with us in 1866. We worked together in love and harmony. The Lord blessed us in our work, and in 1867 our church was organized by Reverend Broyles, Jacob Raynor, Anderson Simmons, and a White Brother from Plainfield. In the summer of the same year, a good White Brother named Uncle Samuel Starbuck deeded us a plot of ground to build a house of worship. It was to be ours as long as we used it for said purpose. We built a log structure. The Brothers’ monthly dues were $1.50, while the Sisters’ monthly dues were $1.00. We had the pleasure of ordaining Brother John Stewart and Brother Tom Robinson for the ministry by the hands of Reverend Singleton, Neal, and Fisher. Though our structure was log and of a humble appearance, we had a God reviving time and many were added to the role of the Colored White Lick Creek Baptist Church. “Yes, the vine grew and waxed strong.” For we organized with eleven (11), and when our good A.M.E. Brothers and Sisters left us to set-up a church at Flat Rock, we were blessed with forty-seven (47) good, strong, live members.

The old church moved to Bridgeport in 1869 to the frame school house north of the National Road. While there, we bought a plot of ground at Six-Points from Esau Thornboro. This step was carefully considered by the members, and the Six-Points was sold. It pleased the School Board to then exchange school buildings and the brick school house was given for the colored school. We consulted the trustee of the School Board and received permission to hold services there.

While there, we were given the lot upon which our present edifice stands. In 1891, this edifice was dedicated by Reverend Peter Ferguson, our Pastor at the time. He now rests from his labors. “Yea, hence forth, says the Spirit for his works do follow him.” Yet, with all of our joy there is sorrow, for when I look back and think of all the host that have worshipped with u, there are but two of us left behind, namely, Sister Mary E. Ellis and myself Mariah Walker.

That segment of our history was written by Sister Mariah Walker, but even though all the original members had passed, the church continued to flourish. The name was changed from the Colored White Lick Baptist Church to the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, and as time passed, the family structure emerged. No one can relate the history of Bridgeport without mentioning the following families: the Kellers, the Merediths, the Huttons, the Warrens, the Highbaughs, the Squires, the Barnetts, the Holidays, the Fords, and the Pinkstons.

In the early 1900’s, Bridgeport was pastored by Reverend Gore. Reverend Gore was preceded and succeeded by a host of ministers, for Bridgeport has always been a training ground for ministers.

In 1922, Bridgeport was the host of the First District Convention, and yet, as time passed many of the families moved away. In the late 1930’s, the church doors were closed. After approximately on year, a few devoted Christians felt the need to re-open the church. Brother Kenneth Warren, the Minister of Music, kept the doors open with just a choir. Mrs. Lula Goss acted as the church clerk for 25 years. Shortly after the church re-opened, Brother Warren and Deacon Otis Cullins approached Reverend Wilson and he accepted the call of Pastor. Reverend Wilson served Bridgeport faithfully for 20 years. During his Pastorate, the dining room and kitchen were added to the church. The men of the church assisted Reverend Wilson in his efforts.

The first choir formed after the church re-opened and was organized under the auspices of Miss Kathryn Ann Cullins. Those choir members were: Dolores, Bessie, Charlotte, Charles, and Donny Williams, Anna and Patricia.

As time passed, a Youth Fellowship Group was formed by Kathryn Cullins and Sylvester Rowe. This fellowship brought together the youth of five neighboring churches: First Baptist of Bridgeport, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Westwood Baptist Church, West Park View Baptist Church, and Bethel A.M.E.

Reverend Wilson retired in 1960, just before he became ill. We at Bridgeport will always love and cherish his labor, his devotion, and his memory. From this congregation, we have six ministers who are a living testimony to Reverend Wilson’s goodness and his teachings. They are truly a portion of our living legacy.

After Reverend Wilson’s retirement, Bridgeport had four ministers who stayed for approximately five years each: Reverend Jonathan Brooks, Reverend John R. Stevenson, Reverend Calvin Kelley, and Reverend John F. Redmon. Each of these men left their mark.

In the spring of 1979 Bridgeport underwent a split, but thanks to God’s master plan, many of the family returned under the Pastorate of Reverend Walter B. Legg, the peacemaker. Reverend Legg was called in December 1979. Under Reverend Legg’s Pastorate, Bridgeport experienced a period of love and tranquility. Our edifice was completely remodeled, and the adjoining land was purchased in preparation for future building. His dream was to have Bridgeport once again host a convention. We had only to open our eyes to see the prosperity that came through thus man of love, patience, wisdom, and vision. On November 2, 1991, he went from labor to reward, leaving us the task of carrying on.

In an effort to carry on his legacy, Bridgeport called Reverend Leonard Hiser. He accepted the call April 5, 1992. We have since paid off our mortgage on the adjoining land and plan to build a fellowship hall dedicated to Reverend Legg.

In the spring of 1999, the Indiana State Highway Department purchased our church to widen Highway 40. Under the leadership of Pastor Hiser, we purchased a new facility formerly known as the Bridgeport Nazarene Church located at 8743 West Washington Street on December 5, 1999. Reverend Hiser and the congregation moved across the street to their new church.

Reverend Hiser maintained for 19 years. Pastor Hiser tried to elevate the spirituality of our congregation. During the last years of his ministry, Reverend Hiser became very sick and on August 31, 2011, Reverend Hiser was rested from his labor.

The First Baptist Church of Bridgeport interviewed for approximately 6 months following the death of Reverend Hiser. On June 10, 2012, the congregation elected Bishop R. Broadnax as the new Pastor of First Baptist Church of Bridgeport. Bishop Broadnax continued growing the legacy of our church.

In November 2013, Bishop Broadnax moved on. The First Baptist Church of Bridgeport was once again without a pastor. But God heard the prayers of the First Baptist congregation and on Sunday April 13, 2014, Tony R. Guthrie was voted in as Pastor. Pastor Guthrie was officially installed August 13, 2014. Pastor Guthrie came with a vision for the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, and with God guiding his footsteps, Pastor Guthrie will move First Baptist into the vision God has given him.